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Meowified™ SnugSeat

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Keep your Cat entertained all Day!

  • De-stress your Cat, letting them watch birds and nature
  • Space-saving design
  • Keep your cat warm and happy in the sun
  • Holds a weight of 40lbs with 4 powerful suctions cups
  • Installs in seconds to clean, nonpourous surfaces
  • Machine-washable cover is easy to remove

Get your Cat the Purrfect VIP Seat they deserve!
If you are a cat lover and you have one or several cats at home, you know that your feline friends are very likely to choose the worst spots to lay down and relax on your floor. 

Cats don’t care if they are in your way and that attitude is part of what we love about them. With that said, many cat’s tails have been stepped on by accident and many human legs have been scratched after stepping on a cat’s tail or paws. 

We know your feline companion is extremely unpredictable, but the Snugseat provides the ultimate relaxing experience for your pet and they won’t have to take any space on the floor. 

This revolutionary bed attaches to any window with suction power that can hold up to 40 lbs and measures 12" x 22" (30cm x  66cm). It’s easy to install the SnugSeat and you can decide what height will be optimal for your cat.  


  • Space-saving design
    22" x 12" x 1.5" ( L x W x H )
    stainless steel cord length: 23"
  • 4 powerful suction cups holds up to 40 lbs
    suction cup diameter: 3.3"
  • Easy To Install
    In just seconds, it can install on your window or glass door—no complicated setup required! The reinforced high-grade plastic frame gives the bed added durability, and it can accommodate almost any size of cat.
  • Machine washable
    The cover is machine-washable and can be cleaned very easily
  • Get Multiple SnugSeats so Your Cat Can Have a High Ground Freeway!
    To provide your loved with an even bigger playground you can attach multiple Snugseats to your Windows. 

We have a long list of satisfied customers and we provide a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. 

Buy the SnugSeat today and give your cat the gift of a lifetime! 



Can this hold a 20 lb dog?
I cleaned my window very well before setting it up and these suction cups hold damn tight. It holds both of my cats at the same time. One cat is 15 lbs and the other is 10 lbs. I am sure it holds your dog!
Does it fold up to allow you to close your blinds/drapes?
You do not need to remove the suction cups every time you close your blinds. Just slip the bed off the suction cups and lay it down. Very easy.
My window is small in height, may i adjust the cords/wires?
The wires aren’t adjustable. They need to be able to go high enough in order to maintain a flat seat.
What is the width of the product from outer edge of left suction cup to right suction cup? My window pane is 24.5 inches wide.
It's about 23.5 inches from suction cup to suction cup
What material is the cord? Can cats chew it
The cord is finely woven steel string that is covered with clear plastic/rubber (?). No, the cat cannot chew through it. It would take a tool to cut through the cord.
How do you remove the cover? Can’t fit the suction through the slits.
Put the wires in before you attached suction on to it. You can always detach the suction from the wire.
would this work with a single pane window?
My windows are single pane, does fine, just my cat did not like it...