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Track your workout and your earplugs at the same time with the watch, the 2-in-1 smart band with Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds.
The latest in wearable technology allows you to analyze vital aspects of your health while keeping your headphones safe and sound under its touch screen. Keep them intact while your magnetic charger squeezes them out

Records information like your heart rate, step count, etc. and displayed on your smartphone. Whether it's an iOS or Android device, you can easily check your stats with an easy-to-use app. It also allows you to keep up with incoming calls and text messages. Just take out the headphones and answer all your calls immediately.
With multiple sport modes to choose from , i  t   can help you keep a daily fitness program and gradually reach their goals.

Important functions:
✅Find your cell r
✅Measure your heart rate
✅Monitor hours of sleep
✅Answer messages 
✅Movement information
✅Monitor sedentary lifestyle
✅Answer calls Set

FEATURES Bluetooth 5.0
wireless headphones Elegant, to carry out your daily tasks   easy to carry, carry them in your pocket  Automatic charging, in the compatible case  choose the 2, whether to use 1 or 2 at the same time  12 hours of battery in constant use without charge  Charge the case once a Blouetooth week  5.0 

  • Ergonomic Design and Built-in GPS:   It   is brilliantly designed with smart built-in GPS. Wherever you are, ensure your safety by alerting local authorities and get help if needed.
  • Accurate Sensors:   Equipped with high-end sensors on the opposite side of the screen to detect your heart rate, blood pressure, and transmit the information to your smartphone.
  • Friendly interface:   I  t  has an easy to use touch screen that is synchronized with your smartphone. The application provides a friendly interface and takes up negligible space on your smartphone.
  • Innovative display and loading:   the display automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions, makes it easy to view statistics, notifications in sunlight or at night. It is made with high quality TPU, silicone, ABS and zinc alloy, which makes it scratch and water resistant. The screen is also protected with a curved glass which makes it shockproof as well  . The  charging area is on the opposite side of the screen and the connector is easily attached using magnets at both ends.

It features a custom driver made from graphene, a highly conductive, flexible and strong material consisting of lattice carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal pattern. This advanced material enables UNI to produce richly detailed mids and highs that are perfectly balanced with bass tones. It is considered the thinnest conductive material that produces a wider range of sound experience and also avoids an undesirable frequency response without damping the material. Its headphones are 100% IPX7 waterproof inside and out for sports and protection against harsh environments. This means that it can be submerged in water one meter deep for half an hour without leakage, mechanical or functional damage. It is the highest rating in all headphone crowdfunding campaigns.


With the base's  voice command system  , you can control your music, surf the Internet, access your messages and much more using just your voice. The base is equipped with an  ultra-sensitive microphone  that picks up your voice and only your voice. Access Siri or the Google Assistant with a subtle command and turn your headset into your virtual command center. Intuitive touch sensor, just tap to activate. The  Base's intuitive touch control system  is an industry first. Forget about buttons. These controls are based on your movements. Single and double taps on the left and right earbuds let you control your music, answer calls, access your virtual assistant, and more.  

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

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