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Self-Irrigating Plant Pot

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Self watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days, and you don't have to water frequently. Up to 20 days or more of watering per fill. 

These clever wick pots can help you to care for your plants when you go outside a couple days or on business.


Water Wicking System

The cotton rope will slowly wick water from the container into the pot, maintaining a constant level of moisture in the soil.


  • Self-Watering

Thanks to the double-layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this planter pot and provided to your plant with wick rope. 

  • Perfect for All Plants

Perfect for displaying African violets, herbs, golden devil's ivy, ocean spider plants, etc. 

  • Minimalist Design

The beautiful shape with classic clear and white match made them suitable for home or office decoration. Set on any table, counter, or desk to bring natural beauty to your living place. 

  • Premium Quality

The decorative plant pot is made of quality PP plastic material, lightweight but very durable for indoor or outdoor use. 

  • Awesome Gift

It is a great gift for your friends, family, colleagues who love planting.


NOTE: Please do not exceed the inner basket with a water level under 0.4 Inch when watering, it will cause plant death of waterlogging otherwise.


Size: 10.5 * 11.5CM

Color: Clear/White


1x Self-Irrigating Plant Pot

1x Container