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Magic Tablet

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The first bright tablet in XL version that always stimulates the creativity and learning of your children

The original Magic Tablet ™: the best Christmas present for your child! the tablet that you can use to give free rein to your creativity and learn new things every day thanks to the cards dedicated to games and learning.

Especially indicated in this historical period of mental inactivity.

  • Stimulate children's creativity

  • XL version with larger screen

  • 8 different light effects

  • Fantastic bright designs to keep them entertained for hours in the game

  • 30 Facades to design and teach new things every day

  • "Indirect" brightness not harmful to the eyes

  • Safe product 100% Made in Italy

  • 72 hour long-lasting battery

Stimulates imagination and intelligence of the little ones

This Tablet is really important , especially nowadays where many schools are not always open and most children spend too much time in front of the TV or on the phone, which negatively affects their mood and behavior.

We recommend this Tablet to stimulate the creative and intellectual part of your children and make them spend unforgettable days full of fun.

Thanks to the XL size it will be possible to draw even more surprising graphics and drawings and the certified lighting system is 100% safe for the eyes.


the drawings glow in the dark

the markers in LEDs are provided in the package and are 6 different colors,The drawings will illuminate in the dark and all the magnificent colors will be visible and erasing can make endless drawings

There is no limit to the imagination

More than 30 types of cards to be inserted in the tablet with which the little ones can stimulate all their imagination.
16 pages dedicated to drawing and 14 to play and learning . They will spend hours putting their creativity to work without getting bored in front of the TV wasting their time.

Protection and cleaning kit included

in addition, everything needed to protect the magic Tablet will be provided and therefore the case and cloth to clean the screen that we remember can be used indefinitely and the drawings can be simply deleted and repeated.