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Leg Stretcher

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Have you been working on your legs flexibility for a long time with little to no progress?



The easy to operate leg stretcher training machine will help you progress drastically within just a few weeks! 


Flexibility is key to a variety of different sports: dancing, ballet, martial arts, yoga, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Stretching is an important part of any exercise regime, but It’s often neglected as it can be daunting and slow in progress.




Make stretching easy for yourself by getting the right tool for the job! 


Features and Benefits


Made of Stainless steel, It’s strong and sturdy being able to withstand a great amount of pulling force. 


Lightweight and compact, It’s designed to be portable and easy to store away.


Adjustable Length, (22”-40”) with 6 hole increments. 


Soft foam and foot grips are designed for maximum comfort.