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Angle planer set for carpentry

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woodworking chamfer plane

Clear, clean edges on your saws and planers make your carpentry a professional
Efficient - With the Saker joinery planer, you can quickly trim the edges without changing the drill bit on your channel planer or connecting anything. This will make your job easier and more accurate!
Adjustable Depth - Suitable for cutting and chamfering all types of wood. The depth of cut can be adjusted depending on the job requirements.
Easy to use and adjust - Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubbles for easy observation and leveling. Convenient to hold and easy to use. Small, portable and easy to use. The tool levels a uniform level.
Sharp and hard, safe and efficient - Added several blades of high strength carbon steel, sharp and unforgiving, more efficient. At the same time, a black retaining border is added to protect your safety in precarious situations. Even a beginner can use it easily and quickly.
Easy disassembly and assembly - Saker corner planer for carpentry and plasterboard edge planing Quick cut chisel planing tools for wood. Easy disassembly and assembly, easy combination and easy installation.

chamfer plane for wood

Material: P20 steel, aluminum alloy
Preto Color Black
🔩 Size: 6.08 * 1.97 * 0.79 inches (154.5 * 50 * 20 mm)
Saker Woodworking Edges Corner Planer Set: 1 * Saker Woodworking Edges Corner Planer + 1 * 1/4 Round Cutting Head
Corner planer set for Saker wood + 6 * cutting heads: 1 * Corner edge planer for Saker wood + 1 * 1/4 round cutting head + 1 * 45 ° flat blade + 1 * 3/16 head round cutting head + 1 * 1/8 round cutting head + 1 * double round cutting head + 1 * cutting head with sharp and rounded corners + 1 * double pointed head

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